Using ClickFit® Correctly & Safely

At ClickFit® we have put together our user guide on how to correctly and safely use the product. Please see the guide below, or download our PDF on the link below:

Quick User Guide

Safe Usage Instructions

Quick User Guide

How to use:

Weight variations:

Top tips for optimal use:

Safe Usage Instructions

Inserting Weights

  • Ensure segment fully inserted until you hear a click.
  • Ensure BOTH triggers fully extended, and ‘Locked’ text is visible.
  • Always check before use.

General Safety

  • Ensure spinlock collar is on tightly before use
  • Do not hold the threaded bar section
  • Do not drop from height to avoid damage to product or surfaces
  • Keep away from children – injuries may occur if incorrect usage or handling
  • Keep in dry conditions, avoid wet, damp environments
  • Ensure segments are not left on floor as a trip hazard
  • Do not use if any parts are damaged, contact us via: [email protected]

Cleaning Instructions

  • Wipe with clean damp cloth
  • Do not use harsh chemical substances on surface
20 kg dumbbell

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