Gyms are becoming smaller, in fact that isn’t true. Gyms are becoming leaner. As the modern trainer has aimed for a lean physique, gyms have had to match the growing need for tight workspaces and space saving equipment. Equipment since the turn of the 21st century has become more compact, stackable and tidy. Yet the dumbbell and weight has yet to see this revolution this is mainly due to the rigidity of the nature of the exercise. For example, when taming a fire, we immediately think of the fire hose. The same is said for the dumbbell, think of weight training and Invision a weights rack in front of a mirror. This has led to innovations to make dumbbell racks taller rather than wider, but this comes with safety risks. Rather than using the lower back muscles to remove the weight a lot of the strain comes on the arms and shoulders which as significantly less strong, not to mention the risk of dropping the weight from an increased height. Therefore, it is imperative that dumbbells move with modern times and become more compact.

But how? The original dumbbell does not suffice for this. It is rigid and uncompromising. This is where Click Fit Weights CF4 Dumbbell fixes the problem. The detachable dumbbell with it multi-weight segments mean that only one set of dumbbells is needed in the smaller workspace. Allowing for more space with the working area. The weight plates add to this as the storage of weight plates is becoming an increasing problem for the gym community with compound exercises on the rise the need for plates being lean has also increased.

The final consideration brings the user back to origins of fitness principle and the acronym FITT (frequency, intensity, time and type). The ClickFit Dumbbells and Weight Plates take huge inspiration from these principles. The number of reps possible has increased with the ability to change the weight mid set, further increasing the intensity of the set. The time is shortened with the intensity of the change complemented that the real feel of the dumbbell allows any exercise to be performed.