At ClickFit® we have gathered testimonials from industry experts due to our cutting-edge patent pending solutions, unparalleled expertise, and commitment to advancing the weight lifting industry. Take a look at some of our testimonials below.

Adam Bellamy

Former CFO of PureGym & investor in ClickFit Weights

“A fantastic product that will really disrupt the market…savings in both time and efficiency for gyms.”

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Former Australian Paralympic Swimmer, motivational speaker and children’s author

“Easy, accessible dumbbell for people of all abilities…a genius, genius idea.”

ClickFit® Weights have a significantly lower carbon footprint (approximately 60%) compared to the equivalent conventional dumbbells, emitting only 46.8 kgCO2e versus 114.6 kgCO2e, respectively.

Alternative Raw Materials with Low Impact (ARLI) Research Group
Part of the University of Birmingham

Aidan Smith

Company Director / Head Personal Trainer – MA Performance

“… possibly the best dumbbell I’ve ever used”

“We see 1000’s of product ideas, ….but very rarely do we see a product that can disrupt an entire category”

New Products and Partnerships – Boulevard Online

“it actually feels like a dumbbell”

“You’ve literally thought of everything”

“this is the ultimate drop set dumbbells”

“My god that’s quick!”

“you can change weights even with one arm…”

“I’ve mentioned to a number of people, and they love the idea, and I don’t think you’ll have any issue selling them!”

“..this saves space by halve, cost by half and time by half”