Dumbbell Set

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Dumbbell Set

Set of 2 x 10kg adjustable dumbbells with anti-roll bars and collars.

Each dumbbell offers 5 weight variations 10kg, 9kg, 8kg, 7kg and 6kg. Bar is 2kg.

Reinventing the weight plate

Main body with two easily detachable weight segments.

  • Multiple weights in one

  • Compatible with existing weight plates

  • Instant mid set weight changes

  • Safe & Practical

  • Change weights with a single hand

  • Save on equipment and space

  • Unique IP Protected Design

How it Works

ClickFit® Weights

Adjustable weight plate 
Main body with two easily detachable weight segments.

Easy, fast weight changing
Press triggers, pull out, then click back in. No base units to store or carry, no unscrewing weights, no multi-step processes.

Works with all existing equipment
Works like a classic weight plate. Use with your existing bars and weights. No need to buy more weights for your barbell exercises.

The ClickFit Dumbell set will be launching soon, apply for our presale to be the first to know!

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