What is ClickFit®?


How it Works

ClickFit® Weights

Adjustable weight plate 
Main body with two easily detachable weight segments.

Easy, fast weight changing
Press triggers, pull out, then click back in. No base units to store or carry, no unscrewing weights, no multi-step processes.

Works with all existing equipment
Works like a classic weight plate. Use with your existing bars and weights. No need to buy more weights for your barbell exercises.

Built for all users

ClickFit is not just for gym enthusiasts, our patent pending solutions have been meticulously designed to work for a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals!

Existing User Groups
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Limited Mobility Users
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Professionals & Athletes
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Gyms & Hospitality
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Personal Trainers
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All Existing User Groups

Work Out Efficiently

Multiple Weights in One:
Achieve the classic dumbbell experience with swift weight adjustments. No need for bulky stands or storage bases.

Instant Mid-Exercise Weight Changes:
Revolutionize your weight training, saving time, maintaining intensity, or maximizing rest breaks between sets.

Compatibility with Standard Weights:
Works with your existing weights and barbells.

Stability and Speed:
Equipped with anti-roll, anti-rotation plates for effortless handling.

A man using ClickFit barbells at the Gym
Limited Mobility Users

Easier for people with limited mobility

Single-Handed Weight Adjustment:
Change weights with just one hand.

Detachable Segments for Convenience:
Easily handle and adjust equipment by reducing weights.

Gentle Resistance Adjustment for Rehabilitation:
Provides gradual and simple resistance adjustment options for rehab purposes.

“ClickFit® Weights have a significantly lower carbon footprint (approximately 60%) compared to equivalent conventional dumbbells, emitting only 46.8 kgCO2e versus 114.6 kgCO2e, respectively.”

Alternative Raw Materials with Low Impact (ARLI) Research Group part of the University of Birmingham
Professionals & Athletes

first of its kind fast change weight plate

Use Our First Of Its Kind Fast Change Weight Plates To Transform Your Training.

Maintain Intensity – Get that extra 1%:
Maintain the intensity on weight machines with no wastage changing weights.

Fine tweak your training:
Do drop sets and supersets like never before. Push your squats, bench presses and your favourite barbell exercises.

Gyms, hotels & fitness suites

Reduce the Equipment needed

Space and Cost Efficiency:
Achieve 40%-70% savings in space and costs.

Efficient Partner Training:
Quick weight adjustments for quicker partner workouts.

Reduced Wait Times:
Minimize queues during peak hours.

Enhanced Portability:
Easily transport equipment for home PT visits.

Personal Trainers

Tailor to your clients needs

Achieve more in less time:
Save time switching weights and handling multiple sets. Prioritize training.

Easily transport equipment for home visits.

Save Cost:
Save cost on buying multiple sets of weights when one ClickFit set will cover a range of weights.


Replace multiple dumbbells & weight plates with one

Significant carbon reduction:
Independent study reveals a 60% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional equivalents.

Plastic free packaging to reduce waste:
We use cardboard packaging to minimise plastic waste.

Longevity and durability:
Anti-rust materials.